Union Townhomes

Clearfield, Utah
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The Union Townhomes are beautiful and spacious. They are located close to shopping, restaurants, medical offices, grocery stores and more. This community is a gem in Clearfield City.

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Clearfield has it ALL!!    Four dedicated recreation areas/parks in Clearfield.  Pickleball courts and leagues.  Aquatic center offering Aqua Aerobics, swim lessons, plus all the fun stuff….AKA slides, lazy river and splash pad.   A fitness center offering classes of all types and weight room.  Adult to Kid leagues for all seasonal sports.  The Clearfield Community Arts Center offers art and theater programs.  Close to recreation, Hill AFB and easy to enjoy the City Vibe of Salt Lake with a Frontrunner Station located nearby.

Clearfield North Public Library

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availble lots
  • Townhome 2 Plex 101 (Sold)
  • Townhome 2 Plex 102 (Sold)
  • Townhome 6 Plex 103 (Sold)
  • Townhome 6 Plex 104 (Sold)
  • Townhome 6 Plex 105 (Sold)
  • Townhome 6 Plex 106 (Sold)
  • Townhome 6 Plex 107 (Sold)
  • Townhome 6 Plex 108 (Sold)
  • Townhome 6 Plex 137 (Sold)
  • Townhome 6 Plex 138 (Sold)
  • Townhome 6 Plex 139 (Sold)
  • Townhome 6 Plex 140 (3 Bedroom) (Move-In Ready)
  • Townhome 6 Plex 141 (2 Bedroom) (Move-In Ready)
  • Townhome 6 Plex 142 (Sold)
  • Townhome 3 Plex 156 (4 Bedroom) (Move-In Ready)
  • Townhome 3 Plex 157 (4 Bedroom) (Move-In Ready)
  • Townhome 3 Plex 158 (4 Bedroom) (Move-In Ready)

2x6 Exterior Walls
Decorative Cased Windows
Energy Efficient Windows
Quality Construction

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